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PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a powerful online digital marketing service that can allow you to show your website on Google where it counts – in front of thousands of people. It is a popular platform that has grown thousands of business around Australia. Google Ads is, by far, one of the leading tools for business online advertising. As you know Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet and there are billions of people using it every day around the world. The search engines market share is around a whopping 85% compared to other leading search engines.

google market share 2021

In February 2021, online search engine Bing accounted for 6.7 percent of the global search market, while market leader Google had a market share of 86.6 percent. Chinese search engine Baidu’s market share was 0.54 percent.

Source: Statista

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A Short History Of Google Ads

The power of PPC advertising

Ever since the initiation of Google Search in 1997, the global market share of all search engines has been dramatically lopsided. Google has ruled the search engine market, keeping an 86.6 per cent market portion as of February 2021. The bulk of Google revenues are produced through advertising. The organisation has also extended its services to mail, productivity media, enterprise commodities, mobile devices and other enterprises. Consequently, Google received one of the most significant tech company revenues in 2020 with approximately 181.69 billion U.S. dollars.

So, What Is PPC Advertising?

Your business will grow

PPC advertising or Pay Per Click marketing is a system of marketing tools operated and offered to anyone who wants to advertise their business or website online. Google Ads show advertisements on multiple platforms within its online marketplace, including Google Search, display networks such as websites that show ads through Google Adsense and other platforms. This displays your business in front of thousands of prospective buyers throughout your region, state, country or even internationally. It creates growth, revenue, leads and product purchases for small and large companies around the world.

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What Can You Advertise On Google Ads?

Any services offered by any type of business

  • Products
  • Services
  • Content
  • Information
  • Music
  • Digital Products

Customisation That Lets Your Grow

Customisable ads that accelerate income

There are billions of services and products out on the global market. Take our services, for instance, Google Ads management, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital marketing, and other services. We also use Google’s advertisement service to show our company to thousands of people just like you. Billions of people searching for exactly what you offer, be it products, professional services, content, music, shoes, clothes, penguin eggs!

How Do Google Ads Work?

Business growth comes from tactical marketing

Google Ads works by displaying your business website on the first page of its search engine through pay per click type advertisements on its search network. This is done through correct implementation and optimisation of ads campaigns by a management service such as own. You can set up an ads campaign yourself, but when you need professional help that can truly unmask the true potential of your marketing campaign, you need to hire the services of a truly dedicated and experienced digital marketing company such as The SEO Specialists. Unless you are well versed in marketing, you cannot begin to imagine what a well-built marketing campaign can do for your business that is created and maintained by specialists such as ourselves.


How Much Do PPC & Google Ads Cost?

The SEO Specialists - We get your business growing

Google advertisements themselves cost depending on your service, location, products, the keywords that people search for and other factors. You can’t really put an exact price on it, but to really get the most out of Google Ads you need the services of a specialist business such as ours. PPC is designed for the business that wants to grow. You need to spend money to make money as the saying goes. For smaller business who just want to advertise around their local area, you’re looking at around $20 – $100 per day, for medium to larger sized business who want to market their business regionally, nationally or internationally, you should really be budgeting for at least $150 per day.

Better Google Ads Optimisation Services

With our advantage over your competition

These costs can deliver. With the right advantage which we provide, you can get more clicks for your dollars spent. For instance, instead of your clicks costing $6 each, we can optimise your website and your Google campaigns so that you are paying a lot less through our web design optimisation and management and PPC services. Meaning we will completely optimise your website and ads for peak performance, by reducing the cost of the clicks, researching the correct keywords, narrowing down the best searches, pinpointing the best times to show your ads, the best age groups and where to show them. There are many other factors, but these are just to name a few. We do this over a few days, then look at the data that Google has collected and then work from that. Eventually, your ads will be the best they can be, saving you business marketing expenses, and either extending your marketing money or letting you build other areas of your business up, such as through our SEO services. Which when combined with Google Ads is the most powerful marketing strategy on the planet for the online world.

Why Should I Use Google Adwords

6 benefits to growing your business through Google Adwords

You might think Google Ads is relatively easy, right? You can run ads to create more leads and revenue. You can sell more products online to online shoppers. You can generate more traffic to your website. But, regrettably, it’s not that straightforward. There are many marketing essentials that you must know, but let’s review the benefits of Google Ads as an advertising tool.

While the possibility of investing money in Google Ads might seem like a daunting job, the effects that come in are virtually instantaneous and transparent. This is why it is worth each penny that you use on it, and this is also why running a successful marketing campaign for your business depends on the experience and expert knowledge of a successful online marketing agency such as ours.

Adwords acts faster than SEO.

Gets your website to the first page of Google instantly

The leading benefit of Google Ads is its ability to instantly display your business on the first page of Google. Both SEO and Google Ads are search engine marketing (SEM) approaches to create more traffic and leads. But, a well-optimised Ads campaign can work much quicker for a business to get the much-coveted first place in search.

Here are some causes as to why it’s faster and more efficient

  • You can concentrate on multiple keywords at one time.
  • You can switch the campaign on or off whenever you need to.
  • Ads that appear on the top of the page get instant visibility.

Of course, this does not suggest that you should disregard organic origins, as they have added long-term benefits. But with Ads, there is a better opportunity of driving more traffic and leads immediately. Furthermore, the platform is more transparent, and you know precisely what is occurring with the ads.

On the other hand, search engine optimisation, though very advantageous, is a long-term method. To rank for any keyword, it needs perseverance and many well-written articles, pages and backlinks. And even then, it needs a while for them to gain the required authority.

Simply put. Ads give you immediate visibility at an immediate cost. In contrast, SEO would give you long term success, depending on the effort of your marketing agency.

In the virtual world of online marketing, you need to use both together and be practical about the success time frame period and the effort/money required for both.

Base your decision on ROI. Spending your hard-earned money on advertising and SEO without getting returns is frustrating, not to mention a drain on your business. Think of marketing as long term, you invest, then let it grow, and you will start seeing results with the right services such as ours.

Brand awareness improvement

Increase brand awareness

Help people instantly recognise your brand

In addition to increasing traffic, clicks, and conversions, Google Ads is also a powerful way to tell people about your trademark, niche or brand.

To prove this, Google partnered with Ipsos to run research across 12 verticals, right from vehicles to retail. It was found that search ads lift the top-of-mind experience by a percentage of 6.6%.

Source: New Study: Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness

Brands like Coca Cola and Woolworths didn’t build their brand reputation in a day and neither was Rome. Building brand awareness takes time and the resources of Google to do it.

When it comes to SEO, your page rank also depends on the number of brand name searches and the variations made by user searches of your business. That’s another reason you should strive to build brand awareness in search and display ads.

Reconnect with visitors of your website

Google remarketing services offer a second chance

One of the most significant benefits of Google AdWords is reconnecting with your website visitors. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

You might have window shoppers on your eCommerce store or business services website. These are users who have visited all the pages on your website but haven’t interacted with your website, such as making a purchase or filling in an enquiry form. How do you remind these people of you and what you can do for them? Display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns are your tickets to remarketing advertisements.

a) Remarketing on display network:

This assists advertisers target visitors on various advertising-supported websites using banner pictures. Suppose you run a travel company and a visitor is searching for Thailand packages. But for some reason, he chooses to leave without buying. We can just produce a remarketing list like the one below to target them.

Comparable to remarketing lists, we can build suppression lists as well. These suppression lists guarantee that you target new leads and not run ads for those who have already sent you an enquiry. This is optional, of course, as depending on your niche or service, you may want users re-enquiring about your services. This just gives you an idea of the capabilities of Google advertising and marketing.

b) Remarketing on search network:

RLSA is an acronym for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. As the term indicates, it operates remarketing campaigns on the search network, similar to display remarketing.

Because visitors have previously visited your website, there are more possibilities of turning them into leads when they view your remarketing ads also.

An example of successful remarketing
The study from Cairo-based Edfa3ly. It is an online shopping business. They ran remarketing and succeeded in increasing their revenue and income by 85%.
Source: ThinkWithGoogle

Measure your performance consistently and accurately

Fine tuning your marketing for peak performance

It is challenging to measure the outcomes of traditional advertisements like newspapers, broadcast television, radio, cable television, brochures, outdoor billboards etc. Moreover, they are considerably more expensive than Google Ads.

You can’t regulate your own budget and spending. Additionally, you wouldn’t identify the source of the leads originating from these media ads unless your customer wishes to disclose it. As a consequence, it would be tough to determine ROI from conventional media.

But, Google Ads, on the other hand, can show you precisely what occurred with the campaign. You can identify:

  • How many leads or sales have been generated.
  • Statistics of the clicks and users such as age, location, time of day etc
  • How much traffic you have received from the ads to your website.
  • Which keywords generate the most traffic and leads.
  • How much it costs you per lead or click.
  • Plus many other statistics and data.

This helps us build successful marketing campaigns through data collected and completely optimise your online ads, e.g., only show them at certain times, to certain age groups, for specific keywords, etc., until your ads run at optimal operation.

google ads management services australia (1)
google ads management services australia (1)

Tools That Help With Seeing What Your Leads Do

Google Analytics teams up with Google Ads

Google Ads management entails the optimisation of your marketing campaign.

Still, it doesn’t precisely show what your potential leads and customers do after landing on your homepage or the product pages. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. We use this website traffic analytics tool to measure how many pages and pages they have visited, how long they were on the pages etc.

This gives us an idea of how “interesting” the content on each page is and how we can enhance the user experience through our services by adding additional content or editing the existing content to keep potential customers interested.

By linking them together, we have specific data that we need to run the campaign successfully. We can also use keyword data in writing more articles/posts using keywords that worked best for your company. Using those keywords, you can rank higher for organic search as well from our SEO services.

So, as you can see, we can comprehensively tailor the online marketing, SEO and PPC management services we provide, completely overhauling them based on data we extract and giving your business and website the best possible chance of a successful life online.

Give you the edge over your competitors.

Grow your business to the highest level

We can place your business on the first page of Google through advertising. This enables you to play the big game with significant companies in your niche or trade and not leave you stranded on page 20, where no one ever goes.

According to Moz, the first page of Google obtains 71% of search traffic clicks and has been recorded as high as 92% in recent times. Second-page results are distant from a solid second, appearing at below 6% of all website clicks.

Ever wondered why your website isn’t doing so well? Ever wondered how your competitors are on the first page of Google and you are not? We can deliver the most elite online and Google Ads management services for your business and get you on the first page of Google and playing with the big boys.

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