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Over 10 years of WordPress Experience

For 10+ years, The SEO Specialists have concentrated on WordPress SEO services that push higher search engine rankings, website traffic, and online purchases. We have a specialist WordPress SEO and WordPress web design organisation under one roof. We recognise all the “insides-and-outs” of WordPress and produce a search engine marketing strategy tailored to your business expansion goals.

SEO + WordPress = A Powerful Marketing Strategy

What Is WordPress SEO?

A powerful marketing medium that builds businesses

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process or long term search engine marketing strategy of increasing the rankings and the visibility of a website or page on a search engine. The ultimate goal is to get a website onto the first page of Google, thereby increasing leads and product purchases.

This type of content marketing is extremely powerful when implemented by the right online digital marketing agency. If structured correctly, it can outdo Google Ads and most other methods of advertising and other forms of this type of service.

What Is WordPress?

A leading website builder used by millions

WordPress is a content management system (CMS for short) that enables users, business owners, website developers and just about anybody to build websites, landing pages, blogs and multimedia information. Its origins started in May of 2003 after several unofficial versions were released. It has millions of coding developers contributing to its engine and is the leading website builder on the market. It has millions of user documents explaining how to use WordPress, and best of all, it’s free!

WordPress is famous for being a powerhouse engine and online tool for SEO, but only when in the fingers of a specialised WordPress SEO agency such as The SEO Specialists Australia.

WordPress Is Perfect For SEO

It has built-in SEO features that are simply better

WordPress and SEO are like the sand and the waves, made for each other. Not only does WordPress allow total versatility with your page arrangement, content and sitemap, but the CMS (Content Management System) platform itself is also built for blogging. It’s no mystery that Google prizes content. By working with a technical WordPress SEO agency, you can be confident that your content is discovered and seen by thousands searching Google online.

Our WordPress SEO experts will develop a natural expansion of your team to milk as much as feasible from your WordPress website by digging deep using our experienced marketing processes. From a small website that’s seen only by your internal organisation to a monster appearance on Google draws and converts high-quality leads, leading to business expansion and development.

Why Choose A WordPress SEO Agency?

The benefits of search engine optimisation

Like a mechanic will be an expert with a particular type of vehicle, a WordPress SEO agency know everything there is to know about WordPress and its engine. From under the hood to the colour of the paint, we are specialists. Sure, any SEO consultant can optimise an SEO campaign utilising WordPress. Nevertheless, to get the absolute most out of your website, partnering with a company that fills day and night on WordPress is worthwhile.

As one of Australia’s leading WordPress SEO agencies, we have devised a recipe that simply works. While our method has helped all kinds of websites rank higher, including Wix and Shopify, our expertise prevails in WordPress. We have discovered that it’s best to be true experts at one thing rather than trying to do it all.

How Do SEO Services for WordPress Work?

We give you the run down on what we do

SEO Audit & Analysis

Website optimisation and audit services

If you possess an established WordPress website, we’ll do a complete SEO audit to discover what modifications, additions, and adjustments are needed to increase your rankings and visibility in the search engines. We will thoroughly investigate all elements of your website, including mobile responsiveness, website loading times, user experience and navigational aspects and much more. Eliminating flaws and tuning your engine to perfection. Our website optimisation skills are second to none, and we have access to some of the best web designers in the country.

wordpress seo services agency australia

Develop a Custom SEO Strategy

Businesses have individual personalities

After we’ve dissected the website, we’ll produce a custom WordPress SEO strategy. This strategy will focus on your aims and be based on your industry, competition, and current environment. No campaigns are the same, and at The SEO Specialists, we tailor the overall approach to your needs. We give SEO packages that satisfy the requirements of various budgets and technical requirements.

Our packages are designed for affordability, marketing range and results. They are ROI driven and are performance-based. We believe in client to business trust and this is the backbone of all our services. Our solutions are created for the individual business and its unique aspects just like us as human beings.

Monthly Technical Updates & On-Site Optimisation

Ongoing website maintenance and analysis

As WordPress developers, we can easily compose technical updates that will improve rankings. Our agency can handle any development job, from editing basics such as title tags, header tags, and ALT tags to coding pages to centre on featured Google results.

We’ll be sure to enhance your sites internal linking arrangement, set up your SSL certificate (if needed), and get your onsite SEO in excellent health. Furthermore, if you need landing page creation or additional pages added, we can do that too. After we have made the critical assessment of your website, further optimisation will be necessary for our services to work correctly. We can design and develop any elements of a website.

Ongoing Content Creation

Content written and designed for search engines

Generating new content regularly is an essential page of a continuous WordPress SEO campaign. Our SEO agency will produce a content calendar created to rank for new keywords and enhance current keywords rankings. It’s essential to become an influence in the search engines. A well thought out and well-developed content campaign will help build your authority position. We’ll also generate content posted on industry-leading blogs to create external links back to your website.

Each Business Has Distinct Challenges.

We meet those challenges with experienced marketing techniques

Yet, to accomplish SEO for WordPress websites worthy of success, standard practices must be obeyed. Take a look at a quick rundown of what we will do for your WordPress website.

  • Perform a Technical SEO & Website Examination
  • Evaluate Canonicalisation, Pagination & Redirections
  • On-Page SEO Implementation (Titles, Headers & URLs)
  • Keyword Research – Broad and Longtail Keywords
  • Write Unique Landing Page Text Content
  • Develop Local Business & Service Schema Markup
  • Link Building & Routine Onsite Blogging
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins
  • WordPress speed optimisation
  • Content expansion strategy
  • Link profile summary
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • URL structure optimisation
  • XML sitemap control
  • Comprehensive SEO reporting
  • Monthly review and procedure calls
  • & much more

To meet the challenges of SEO and implementing it, we have spent hundreds of hours researching and experimenting. Google changes its algorithm monthly to bring the most applicable search results to the user. Its entire purpose is to show the most relevant information available in its massive database to your eyes, so you have the best possible user experience possible.

How is SEO performed on a WordPress website?

We imporve performance and structure

Optimising a WordPress website is not any different from optimising any other website. The same vital features of SEO matter most, such as determining the right keywords through keyword research, enhancing website speed, composing high-quality content, and more.

What is different about WordPress is how specialised and technical SEO is performed. WordPress uses themes developed in PHP, so your SEO service provider must have WordPress developers on staff.

Technical SEO is more vital than ever, so working with an SEO agency that doesn’t have the development skills will reduce your odds of ranking number one in the search engine results.

wordpress seo services agency australia

Why Use Our WordPress SEO Services?

So wahts all the fuss about our agency?

Over the past 10 years, we have become famous for our leading WordPress SEO services in Australia. We promote brands, both small and large, to produce constant SEO growth through battle-hardened SEO methodologies. Our agency has worked on a myriad of WordPress websites. Consequently, we now have a formula that not just works but makes business marketing a reality that you cannot ignore. While our expertise spans other platforms such as Shopify SEO, Wix SEO and even eCommerce SEO services, we are the WordPress heroes.

Each WordPress SEO campaign we implement is exceptionally targeted and optimised towards pushing consistent ROI for your business. From the keywords we optimise all the way through to milking those last percentages as we constantly strive for growth, our campaigns are targeted, well-architected and produced right here in Australia.

If you are searching for a WordPress SEO company with proven SEO experience and recognises business and marketing as a true leader in retailing potential, why not contact our SEO consultants for a free consultation? And we will give you the best experience we can offer.

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