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Local Search Engine Marketing

Local & Regional SEO

Find your website in the local pack of search engines. We get your business seen by people in your local community on the first page of Google.

National Search Engine Marketing

National SEO

Selling products and services nationally? We deliver the best national SEO services in Australia and your local region which get results.

WordPress Search Engine Marketing

WordPress SEO

Own or planning to build a WordPress website? Need strategic SEO services with technical implementation? We deliver the best services in Australia.

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How do you get your website on the first page of Google? Well, this is an online marketing question that most businesses asks or search for. Ultimately this question helps drive SEM and SEO (Search Engine Marketing) companies such as own. We deliver specialist services for businesses to grow and build their online presence through optimisation of their websites to show up higher on search engines. We do this through years of relentless research and experience we have acquired through experimentation and training.

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A Short History Of Search Engine Optimisation

The power of SEO

To fully understand SEO and its significance, we need to glance back at its origins.

It is thought that SEO was born in 1991. The world’s first website was started about this time, and one quickly transformed into many as websites jammed the internet. So, there was a tremendous need for arrangement and accessibility, and the world’s first search engines were constructed.

The Reason For SEO

In 1993, Excite transformed how information was classified, and in 1994, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and others entered the scene.
But, in 1996, SEO indeed rocketed when Sergey Brin and Larry Page started developing what would grow to become the biggest, most recognised search engine to date: BackRub. Assumed I was going to say Google? Well, you’re correct because BackRub ultimately became Google and was listed as a domain in 1997.

No Rules

In the opening years of SEO, there were no rules in terms of SEO. The controls were fast and loose. So, marketers could use hacking methods and leverage keyword stuffing and spammy links to place higher in search results.

SEO Evolution

Google saw a moment to do something that different search engines were not doing. It commenced working on algorithm updates that would reward quality, relevant content for connecting users with what they actually wanted to find.

Hundreds of algorithm modifications have been performed from then to now, and SEO has quickly developed, forcing marketers to explore alternative approaches. SEO’s history guides us that the best way to plan for the future of SEO is to not cut corners; it’s to use moral and ethical optimisation procedures and publish content that contains real value for your website visitors.

So, What Are Search Engine Optimsation Services?

You will find what you are looking for here

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimisation.” It involves the method of enhancing your website to improve its visibility for appropriate keywords and searches in uncomplicated terms. The better visibility your web pages own in search results, the more probable you are to earn attention and awareness and draw prospective and existing customers and clients to your business.

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How does SEO work?

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search engines that include Google and Bing use bots to scan web pages on the internet, travel from site to site, gather information about those pages, and put them in an index or search directory. Next, algorithms examine pages in the index, processing hundreds of ranking factors or signals to define the order pages that should appear in the search results for a given search query.

Search ranking constituents can be viewed as representatives for features of the user experience. User experience can define whether or not a website ranks well or not. Google and other search engines want to show the user the most relevant and helpful content based on the user search term.

For instance, content quality and keyword research are critical determinants of content optimisation, and crawlability and mobile-friendliness are essential to any website structure. These and many other factors contribute to a well-optimised webpage and website.

The search algorithms are intended to present relevant, authoritative pages and give users a helpful search experience. Optimising your site and textual content with these determinants in mind can improve your pages rank higher in the search results.

Unlike PPC and Google Ads, you can’t pay search engines to get more leading organic search rankings. This is where our SEO services provide you with the ticket you need to improve your websites search engine rankings.

seo sem services agency australia

Why is SEO important for business marketing?

How does SEO help your business?

SEO is a necessary component of digital marketing because people conduct trillions of searches each year, often with the commercial purpose to find information and data regarding products and services. Search is usually the principal origin of digital traffic for brands and complements additional marketing services. More comprehensive visibility and ranking higher in search results than your competition can have a tangible influence on your bottom line.

What SEO services include?

Content, speed, format, business profile reputation

High-end SEO services should include elements of optimisation whose sole purpose is to enhance and increase the reputation of a business and its website online. The main purpose of all combined optimisations should be to increase the visibility of the businesses domain and profile on search engines. This leads to increases in business revenue through constant and viable leads and product sales through a website.

Technical and Advanced SEO Service Include The Following elements In Any Given Marketing Campaign

  • Page speed.
  • Mobile responive design
  • Backlinking profile
  • Increasing the business reputation
  • Competitive and non-competitive research
  • Website optimisation
  • Content marketing and creation
  • Local and Regional SEO
  • And much more

What Are the Different Types of SEO Marketing?

On-page, off-page, local, national, international & technical SEO Services

There are 6 main types of SEO services offered by internet marketing companies such as own. These types encompass what we consider to be search engine optimisation levels and all or any of these services can contribute to the successful marketing of your business on the internet. With research and specialist skills, a consultant can bring your business to the front lines in the battle for the first position on a search engine.

seo sem services agency australia

On-Page SEO

Website optimisation services conducted by specialist web developers

On-page SEO, also referred to as on-site SEO, is optimising the content on your business website or any webpage that requires this type of service. This involves your keywords, headers, meta titles, meta descriptions, images, and more. Formatting and structuring the content on your website in an orderly manner and optimising the meta information and links to and from the page. There are certainly plenty more aspects to on-page SEO services, but these are the main ones.

Off-Page SEO

Internet specialists who scour the internet to boost your websites reputation

Off-page SEO optimisation elements don’t occur directly on your web page or website, but instead occurs by creating exposure and trust for your business through backlinking, creating citations and references to your business trademark across the internet, which ultimately can result in your business receiving more visitors and acquiring more sales.

Most off-page SEO activity is concentrated on link building. If you’re unaware, link building is the method of arranging other reputable and trusted websites to link back to your site by creating links on their blogs and web pages in specific categories that relate to your niche or profession.

Technical SEO

We get down to the nuts and bolts of your website and fix the wiring

Technical SEO applies to the activities conducted to help search engines crawl your website. As search engines and their algorithms grow more complicated, these requirements change, indicating that this type of SEO is constantly evolving.

To make sure there are no obstacles with Google crawling your website, your technical SEO attempts must be efficient and effective. A website with search engine crawling difficulties will find it extremely hard to be added to search results, if at all.

Local SEO

We put your website in front of the locals who want to shop locally

Local SEO is a modification of SEO that concentrates on a specific area or location rather than a regional, national or international focus. It’s all about building your online presence in your local community, suburb or town and promoting your products or services to local consumers.

Oftentimes, how strongly you rank on Google depends on your Google My Business listing. This is where you combine your address, business hours, description, reviews and photos. The search engine results pages will look at your vicinity, connection, and influence based on the user’s search query and choose your business if you satisfy several requirements. This type of SEO can be great for local businesses such as doctors and mechanics.

National SEO

Great for business who offer products and services that can be deliver nationally

National SEO services entail the process of increasing your website presence to people who search throughout a specific countrywide landmass. This can incorporate directly targeting all major centres in all states and territories throughout Australia for instance. This type of service can be beneficial to online stores that deliver their products or have digital products, businesses that offer geographically dispersed services such as own company, for instance, and any business or eCommerce store that wants to target nationally selling any kind of service or product.

International SEO

Selling overseas? Targeting tourists? We can deliver

International SEO services are designed for the business that wants to sell products or offer services nationally and to other countries and landmasses. This type of SEO is great for travel agencies, tourism operators, government departments, national businesses who want to expand, or virtually any business or store that want to target countries other than their own.

Completly Customisable Services

We put all the pieces back into the jigsaw to create a picture of what you need

At The SEO Specialists, we design packages that are tailor-made to suit your businesses individual requirements. This can mean services rendered to you by us can comprise all or any of these SEO elements listed above at one time. We recommend the correct service(s) that you need to get your business growing online.

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