How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

How to choose the right SEO company

In the modern era, there are tens of thousands of SEO agencies scattered around the internet.

Each SEO company has their own advantage and disadvantages based on its experience and skills.

Therefore, the question should not be “How do I find the best SEO agency?” but rather, “How do I choose an SEO company that is right for me?”

Why Do You Need an SEO Company For Your Online Business Presence?

Know your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Imagine that you had to book a last-minute flight from Brisbane to meet business partners. The flight was swift and without delays, which was a good thing.

You land safely at the airport.

The announcer greets you upon arrival and wishes you a safe journey. Maryborough, Queensland is your destination, but you have landed in Maryborough, Victoria! Different cities, different locations.

It’s a waste of time that you will regret, right?

It’s like getting on an aeroplane and hiring SEO agencies. Each agency could do a great job at ranking your website organically. Before you can fly, your first task is to make sure you are choosing the right plane.

To choose the right SEO agency for you, it is essential to:

  • Know your business goals (your destination)
  • How you envision yourself getting there (your desired outcomes).

A different agency (or aeroplane) is required for SEO. These are the main ones:

  • Marketing with SEO-optimised Content
  • Voice SEO
  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • SEO for eCommerce
  • On-page and off-page website optimisation

What about the outcomes?

  • Your entire website and specific keywords should be ranked higher
  • Increase your traffic and leads by attracting more qualified people
  • Organic search can directly drive sales.

The goals and outcomes of your target business will determine the SEO strategies and tactics that you need.

Because no SEO agency can be a one-size-fits-all for all strategies, industries verticals, or company sizes, it is essential to know these basics before you begin looking for a partner.

Let’s look at some hypothetical scenarios.

Example #1

Assume that your goal is to appear on Google’s first page when certain people use specific words for searching for information relevant to your business.

What is the result?

This group of people is crucial to you. You need to educate them with engaging content and then pull them into your sales funnels.

This is why you need an agency that is skilled in SEO-optimised marketing. You’ll also need an agency that has proven success in helping companies achieve similar results.

Example #2

Let’s say you have excellent content written by freelancers for your website. You realise that Google doesn’t rank them for your targeted keywords.

Instead, people search for content that isn’t as good as what you are creating. Yours, however, appears on Google’s 17th and top pages.

This indicates that your competitors have higher domain authority, more backlinks to their websites and highly-ranking content.

An SEO agency skilled in link-building will help you increase your website’s authority and get relevant links pointing at your content.

You can determine which type of SEO agency you should consider if you are clear about your goals.

This first step allows you to look in the mirror at yourself and determine what you need. It streamlines the selection process.

This ensures that you only select agencies with the expertise and experience to drive other businesses to your destination.

It doesn’t stop there.

There are only a handful of reputable agencies you can choose from, so it is vital to look for the characteristics that show trustworthiness.

This will help you choose the best SEO agency for you.

How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

6 Characteristics that Make a Great SEO Agency

No matter your specific SEO requirements, there will be dozens, if certainly hundreds, of agencies competing for your business.

The industry of search engine optimisation services providers is worth more than $65 billion.

As they seek a piece of the industry’s billions, anyone can make wild claims about being an SEO agency with an internet connection and a laptop.

These are the characteristics of great SEO agencies. These traits are found in the best SEO agencies.

Below are the most important.

These can be used to evaluate SEO agencies from your shortlist before you decide to work with them.

An outlined process to execute SEO strategies.

A battle-tested process is key to excellent SEO execution.

An SEO agency has gained experience working with many clients. It can outline their winning process to offer potential customers a glimpse into how they deliver results.

Each company that has had practical experience in SEO has its own process. This makes it an attribute of SEO agencies that have proven results.

A Diverse Group of Specialists

Before you choose an SEO agency, the next thing to consider is how they will put their recommendations and process to work.

Executing SEO takes a lot of thought.

Ask for the team that will work with you, from strategic creativity and leadership to account administration and execution specialists.

Experienced SEO agencies are proud of their teams.

How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

An Impressive Client Portfolio

It is challenging to implement results-generating SEO strategies from conception to execution. However, it takes time and dedication.

As exceptional SEO agencies work closely with clients to achieve success, they are common to display their clientele.

This accomplishes two things.

This shows that they are experienced. It helps you make a decision about which company to work with.

Real customer testimonials

You would be willing to give a testimonial if an SEO agency increased your website traffic leading to more sales.

Similar to the previous customers, you should also scan their website when looking for an SEO agency.

One of the most common characteristics in the top SEO agencies is their proud display of testimonials from happy customers.

Industry-specific Thought Leadership

Outstanding SEO agencies stay on top of all the latest trends in search engine optimisation, including how they impact rankings, traffic and overall business.

Most companies will have senior executive sharing their insights via blogs, social networks, and research papers. This helps them to maintain thought leadership.

Before you hire an SEO agency, make sure they are up-to-date and share the latest trends in the SEO industry to help you keep up with the market.

A Clear Business Culture

An SEO company might have the expertise and characteristics you are looking for. Their company culture might not be compatible with yours.

The truth is that exceptional SEO agencies won’t accept toxic clients.

Top SEO companies display their company culture to avoid this. This allows potential customers to decide if they are a good fit for them.

How To Choose The Best SEO Agency

How To Find The Right SEO Agency For You

I have so far described the qualities of great SEO agencies and guided you through the steps necessary to work with one.

As I mentioned at the beginning, not only do you need the best SEO agency, but you also need one that is right for you.

Conclusion: Be patient with your chosen SEO Agency

It’s not a quick way to get rich by partnering with an SEO agency.

It will take time before you start to see results.

It is worth waiting because SEO, once things start to kick off, is like a flywheel. It gets better every day and works as an endless cycle.

Be patient.

You should only choose the SEO agency that is right for you. Most importantly, one that has a diverse group of SEO experts who are passionate about it.

Author: Timothy Allsworth

Timothy Allsworth is an established and experienced SEO consultant and specialist web designer living in Australia. He is the founder of Custom Web Creations and The SEO Specialists.

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