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More people than ever are using search engines, particularly on their mobile devices, to discover local businesses. Location targeted search marketing, or Local SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) that propels you to the top of the listings and search engines in your city or suburb, tells your competition that you are delivering better products and services to your clients. It also presents you with the opportunity to grow your business to new heights. When you start receiving more and more product purchases, visits to your store, enquiries for your services, you will start to realise the power of our local Google SEO services.

Improve Your Store or Business Visibility Online With Local SEO

Powerful business exposure to the right audience in the right places

One out of five keywords entered in Google searches is location-based. With our Local Search Engine Optimisation services, you can target the people that live, eat and shop near your business. This provides you with a powerful engine to drive local traffic, produce more substantial leads and significantly increase your ROI in Australia.

At The SEO Specialists, we take the opportunity to review your goals and use our expertise and knowledge to create customised Local SEO packages that satisfy your wanted outcomes.

We consolidate highly effective marketing strategies with a clever method of targeting, positioning and media. The local SEO campaigns we create, join your business to the right audience and the consumers that are most likely to interact with your business. We skyrocket your local ranking with our elite online local SEO services.

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So, What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

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What is local search engine optimisation (SEO)? It’s an online marketing strategy that is customised for local businesses looking to improve their visibility in search engines such as Google, reach more numerous local customers, and of course, earn revenue from leads and product purchases.
Comparable to conventional SEO, local SEO services boost your business listings and websites in online search results for customers close to your business.

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The purpose of local SEO is to appear at the top of search results when possible customers search companies like yours in their suburb or local areas.

Ultimately, local SEO assists in achieving top rankings so more people can locate, contact, and visit your local business, call or fill out an enquiry form on your website or see your local GMB (Google My Business) listing that we create or enhance your existing one.

Wondering how to rank at the top of search results? Continue reading for our list of local SEO services created to raise your online rankings.

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Why is Local SEO Important?

The benefits of local SEO services

If you’re new to the SEO concept, you may be asking yourself the question, “why is local SEO important?”. Several reasons demonstrate the value of local SEO, and we’ll talk about them here.

With the long list of marketing services The SEO Specialists provide, it’s challenging to comprehend how they will all work collectively to influence your businesses growth. The short answer is, your local SEO campaign will affect your business in astonishing ways.

Searches including the phrase”near me” have grown by two times over the last year. That means that more and more individuals are searching for a more straightforward way to find businesses, stores and places to eat closer to them.
Not to mention that 72% of buyers who conducted a local search on a search engine attended a store five miles from their location.

This provides even more incentive to optimise your website with local SEO. It reveals that consumers genuinely make choices based on location and how near they are to a business that gives what they’re searching for.

If you want to be the business that displays in your target audiences’ search results, employing local SEO is the most suitable way.

Here are some other benefits of picking local SEO services and some reasons that outline how local SEO is necessary for your business to succeed in your location:

It's easy to track and monitor

Helps improve marketing results through collected data

Local SEO is a Google marketing strategy that can be monitored for success and improved through real-time statistics and data. Which means you’ll never be in the dark regarding how your campaign is operating and performing.

With analytical marketing tools like Google Analytics or additional website analytics platforms, you’ll be capable of seeing in real-time how your local SEO performs, which will enable us to quickly tweak things that aren’t helping your campaign.

The point that local SEO is trackable is a tremendous plus. It enables us to test, learn, and improve your local SEO campaign over a period of time.

GMB (Google My Business Listings) results look great

We help your Google My Business Listing to rank on the first page of Google

Most importantly, as a local business, real estate in search results is critical. When you opt for local SEO, you’ll hold the opportunity to acquire a position in the local SEO 3-pack, netting you extra SERP real estate besides your organic website ranking on the first page.

Not to mention, map packs surface at the top of search results, so consumers will see your business first and more often.

It increases website traffic.

More website traffic means more customers

With local SEO, you’ll notice an increase in your website’s traffic as you’ll be further visible on search engine results pages.

With a Google My Business listing, users will see good reviews that customers provided you in the past and give them easy passage to your website.

By making it so easy for people to find you online, you can expect an increase in website traffic for your local area.

It improves foot traffic to your physical location.

More business traffic means more customers

A local SEO expert will also bring more foot traffic to your shop or business location.

Numerous people will search for a “restaurant near me” to attend a restaurant near to them. That provides you with the chance to show up in search results and draw them to your physical location.

It helps you beat the competition.

Come first and finish first

Several of your competitors may not create their business in Google My Business, which suggests they won’t receive a place in the map pack. When you receive internet marketing services from our local SEO company, you can be sure we will be unlocking several local marketing secrets with our services.

3 Characteristics of the Best Local & Regional SEO Company

What to look for in an SEO agency

Searching for the best local SEO services company to help improve your business through their elite marketing services?
Take a peek at these three qualities of top local SEO businesses.

They practice what they preach and rank your business at the top of results.

We do what we do best and arent all talk

When investigating local SEO companies, you’ll want to make certain they actually do what they say when it comes to the assistance they give.

Do they rank at the top of local searches? Did you find their business on Google? This proves that their services aren’t fraudulent. If not, there’s a good chance they will not be able to assist your local business to achieve the rankings you want and the outcomes you expect.

Another way of researching the best online marketing companies is to read their reviews on their Google My Business listing and social media pages such as Facebook and Trust Pilot. This is called “social proof”, and it’s a good indication that a business can deliver what they say.

When it comes to SEO services, particularly for local businesses, it’s essential to make sure the company you work with can genuinely drive results.

They offer competitive pricing.

Pricing that attracts clients, means bigger ROI

Thousands of local SEO companies offer a plethora of services and promises of fortune for the business they look after. So it’s a competitive game for us. But that being said, we offer the most competitive pricing available, so your costs are minimised, but your returns are significant. Be aware that marketing is an investment that every business needs.

Depending on what you require and the potential outcomes for the marketing you require will reflect in the pricing. All you have to do is give us a quick phone call or fill out our enquiry form, and we can explain it all to you on easy terms with honest pricing.

They publish reviews and testimonials.

We believe in boasting about our services, because they are good

Top local SEO companies likewise publish reviews and testimonials, and you should review them before hiring them.

Reviews and testimonials present powerful social proof. They provide you with an inside look at the results and returns a company has obtained for other customers.

No company is impeccable, but if a local SEO agency has numerous glaringly bad reviews and testimonials, it’s probably an occasion to search elsewhere.
On the other side of the coin, if clients are usually happy with an agency’s work, it’s a confident sign they’ll be able to take your local company to new altitudes.

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