What are SEO Services & How Can They Help Your Business To Grow

Today, 55% of websites spend on professional search engine optimisation (SEO). It is crucial to understand these questions before your company considers SEO services.

Continue reading to learn more about SEO services and what you can expect when working with an SEO agency. Are you already investing in SEO services but not seeing any results?

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Definition of SEO Services

SEO services are usually offered by SEO agencies and help your company achieve search engine optimisation. Your business is looking to improve its visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. Search results that are related to your company, products or industry are what you focus on.

Example of SEO Services

A bakery might use SEO to rank in searches such as

  • Central PA
  • Bakery custom cookies
  • Bakery for Wedding Cakes

Search engines such as Google use more than 200 factors to rank websites in search results. This requires considerable expertise. Many businesses work with an SEO service provider to help them succeed.

SEO services offered by SEO agencies

Search engine algorithms have seen many updates and improvements in the years since Google and Ask Jeeves were launched. Many SEO companies provide specialised SEO services to help businesses in competitive industries.

Here are some examples of the most popular SEO marketing services:

Traditional SEO services are an excellent option for many businesses. Local and eCommerce SEO services can give you a competitive edge to maximise your SEO strategy’s impact.

SEO services may focus on specific areas, such as

  • On-page Search: The optimisations of your website are primarily focused on by, such as your title tags, content and more
  • Offpage SEO: This service focuses on optimising your online presence. For example, your website’s backlinks.
  • Technical SEO: This service focuses on optimising your website’s backend, such as page speed and site architecture.

SEO is a complex process that requires both on-page and off-page SEO.

Many people will choose full-service SEO plans. These plans include technical and on-page SEO.

7 Things Your SEO Company’s Services Should Include

It’s essential to understand the meaning of SEO services. Although every agency is unique, it’s crucial to find a provider who offers all aspects of SEO.

When comparing agencies, you should focus on SEO services that include the below:

SEO audit

An SEO audit should be part of every SEO company’s service.

Your SEO provider will conduct an SEO audit to evaluate your current strategy. Your agency will assess your website from an SEO perspective. They will look at what is working well and what could be improved.

Although free SEO audit tools are available, they won’t give your business the same insights as a team SEO specialist. An audit should be included in any SEO service. It is a sign that your SEO company has not invested enough time and preparation.

A missing SEO audit could also indicate that your agency does not develop a customised strategy for your company. They use a template instead and don’t want the time to audit your site.

Customised strategies are the best for your business, brand and customers.

Competitor analysis

You need a competitor analysis to help you understand the market. Your SEO company can identify online and offline competitors using competitor analysis tools. This information can help you to understand and take advantage of competitor weaknesses.

Many SEO agencies offer an initial competitor analysis as part of their services. However, it is vital to work with companies that make regular competitor analyses a part of your strategy. They constantly assess your competitors, looking for opportunities.

WebFX analyses your competitors each quarter, for instance. Our proactive approach allows us to create competitive strategies for our clients.

Custom strategy

SEO can help maximise your return-on-investment (ROI). An essential component of SEO services is the creation of a custom strategy. This will result in more visits, orders, and calls to your company.

Your team must ensure that your agency offers a customised strategy if you want to invest in SEO services. Many SEO companies, particularly those that promote “cheap” services, offer cookie-cutter approaches or copy-and-paste.

Your business won’t see the best ROI if you use a standard approach to SEO. These strategies are often unsuccessful in getting companies to the first page of search results. This is because only 25% of users will go beyond the first page.

Your team should invest in SEO services that provide custom strategies.

What are SEO Services & How Can They Help Your Business To Grow

Offpage optimisation

Off-page optimisation should be included in any SEO package. Off-page optimisation is a method of optimising external factors that can influence search engine results.

Referring to your backlink profile, the number and quality of websites link to your website. Your backlink profile, for example, can influence your search engine ranking. For example, a food blogger may link to you if they share the cookies you made for their wedding.

Off-page SEO is often offered by SEO companies.

  • Promoting your site content to bloggers and webmasters
  • Create shareable content for your blog
  • Monitor your company’s mentions on social media by users, influencers
  • Optimising your Google My Business profile

Ask if an SEO agency, or enterprise SEO agency, offers off-page optimisation as part of their SEO services. You can get a summary of their SEO services and the meanings of specific deliverables from them. This will allow your team to make informed decisions when selecting an agency.

On-page Optimisation

Another critical component of SEO services is on-page optimisation. Your SEO agency will focus on optimising your website’s features for search engines such as Google.

Some examples of on-page SEO services deliverables are:

  • Update title tags, meta description, and Heading Tags for search
  • Assessing the information architecture, redirects and internal linking structure of your website
  • Creating sitemap
  • Optimise your site images using best practices
  • Optimising your website using valuable keywords
  • Analyse the usability, speed and design of your website

On-page optimisation is a large part of most SEO services. If an SEO company does not offer on-page optimisation, it isn’t offering SEO services. Your team should look for another agency.

Monthly Reports

When it comes to SEO services, transparency is vital. Partnering with an SEO company that provides regular reports and is trustworthy is crucial.

A performance report can give your business immediate insight into your SEO strategy’s results. Your report could include your website’s conversion rate, organic traffic and ranking in search results.

Your SEO company should provide a monthly report and time with an account manager. Your team will be able to ask questions and review the report in person during regular meetings with your account manager.

Routine meetings are a great way to keep your team and SEO agency on the same page.

Progressive optimisation

SEO is an ongoing strategy. This is why SEO services are often defined as a partnership between your company and your SEO agency. SEO agencies should be a part of your business and work in collaboration with you.

This is why they should also include progressive optimisation.

Your SEO agency will optimise your website on an ongoing basis through continuous optimisation. Your SEO agency will continue to optimise your website until it meets SEO standards. This allows you to make more money from SEO.

For example, your dedicated account manager may discover additional keywords that are relevant to your business. This leads to new content that can be promoted to webmasters and bloggers in your industry.

Your company and SEO agency can make your SEO strategy one per cent more effective, no matter how successful or advanced it is. It is crucial for your company to partner with an agency that recognises this and can see the potential of your site.

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